06 September 2009

The three if-s

Thought-provoking movies of my recent:

1. If you've considered that money is the new god, may I recommend What Would Jesus Buy. If you've never considered that money could be the new god, then never mind. It probably won't make much sense to you. (Of course, I kid.)

2. If you have yet to see a vampire movie that takes life seriously, may I recommend Let the Right One In. N.B. It's one of those films that's not made in the U.S.A., so bring your reading eyes.

3. If you haven't seen Revolutionary Road because (like me) you thought the previews made it out to be a so-so tale of provocative sex amidst the rise of uber-conservative America, then don't listen to yourself, damn it. There's a lot more truth there than I thought there'd be. And it's not just cuz I'm a feminist and all.

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Xander and Alana (but mostly Alana) said...

I also put off seeing Revolutionary Road, and I was also glad that I finally gave in and saw it. I'm only sorry Xander was out of town when I did. It's like looking into some alternate life I could have had, but thankfully didn't. Yikes.