06 December 2005

It's all physics

It took me a while to get rolling with my other blog, so I assume it'll take me some time to get used to posting on this one as well.

This is the personal blog. In bumper sticker style, "My other blog is school-related."

Anyway, school is almost over for the semester, so now I get to start thinking about all the fun stuff ahead:

1. watching the entire Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy
2. visiting Emily's family for the holidays
3. getting drunk on flammable egg nog
4. going broke buying Christmas gifts
5. coming back to Florida and preparing for the new year

Emily and I are planning to do the South Beach Diet hard-core from Jan. 1 until the wedding. I read a little about it and it doesn't seem to be the fanatic cult activity I thought it was before. There's a lot of neat information in the introductory chapters about food digestion and so on.

The first three weeks of the diet, called phase one, is essentially carb-free. We have been practicing for phase one now, but still cheating on weekends. What the practice has shown me though is that there are carbs in just about everything tasty. After reading some of the book and doing phase one practice, I have also realized what eating an entire diet of carbs does. I used to feel the extreme highs and lows of energy output. Now I know important dietary rules like, if you are eating carbs, eat them with fats and proteins, because the latter types of food slow the uptake of the carbs. This reduces the boom-bust releases of energy. This also means it'll be okay for me to eat pizza occassionally once the diet becomes a part of my routine for a few months.

What kind of sucks though is that immediately following the three weeks of phase one, I have a bachelor party to attend. My own. I suppose I'll just insist on a keg of light beer, since beer, unfortunately, is one majorly wrong source of carbs. Oh, but it feels so right. Mmmmm. Light beer keg stand. Arrrrrlllllllllll...

For now though, a major paper and 22 student portfolios stand in my path. And you best believe I'm gonna mow those bitches down.