17 December 2007

Slackin' in for the Holiday

- unfinished entry I started in Dec 2007 and found in June 2008 -

Now one week done with the Fall 2007 semester and moving into the busy holiday season, I've been working a little on a few stories that will be part of my thesis, but overall I've been doing a bunch of nothing. I know it'll get old soon, but for now I like it.

Tonight, I watched The Bourne Ultimatum and it might just have been the best of the three (in my humble critic's voice). One scene in the middle literally had me wide-eyed and leaning toward the TV in anticipation. I need to get me some o' them skills.

05 December 2007

zimdog's z-word series: zymurgy

a wonderful branch of applied chemistry that deals with the fermentation process (as used in wine-making and brewing)

In comparison to my first z-word entry (zyzzyva), it has been my experience that zymurgy is more often the last word in English-language dictionaries.

It has also been my experience that the product of zymurgy tastes much better than zyzzyva.