29 May 2008

zimdog's z-word series: zygote

the zimpuppy that formed from my birds getting busy with Emily's bees

Here's a picture of our l'il zimdog(ette). Look on the right edge of the dark spot. It's the weird clump of stuff that looks like a black-eyed pea. The zimpuppy is not a total surprise to us. As a married couple, we have God's permission to... you know, do that thing where I move my index finger in and out of a tunnel Emily makes with her hand. Maybe this is God's way of rewarding us for finally trying that missionary-style.

From the moment I knew I had helped make something so cool, it was pretty much the most exciting thing that had happened all month... or maybe a little longer than that. Let me tell you, everything changed when the baby doctor stuck a magic wand up my wife's vagina, and I got to see a six-week-old heart beating. I'm hooked.

I can't really top this z-word, so zygote may very well be the last in the series. Oh, and I'm a lazy blogger. From here on, expect more blogs about zimdog's zimpuppy series instead. Also, visit Emily's page for regular updates: Story of a girl...or boy