11 November 2007

Random phone pics

The theme of this post is R.I.P. old phone. Luke (my bro-in-law) fell asleep on the beach (as most of us do). And then, along came a mini-tsunami > salt water in mee phone. Now that's what I call Bell Atlantic, yo.

After drying out for a good day, 'twould turn on, but 'twouldn't really operate in the ways a useful cell phone might, so i got numbers out of it and e-mailed the best of the best pictures I'd taken with it during its operational dayz. I wouldn't say it was the best camera in the world, but every once in a while, a camera phone'll do just fine.


Murph Dogg




Arno's Luck

Caputi vision


Key West Dennis

Lazy Dayz

02 November 2007


As we did last year, Emily and I Halloweened at the Fetish Factory Ball. For the occassion, I transformed into ...
Green Man, a hallowed product of Nature who acts as liaison for the Earth in this age of technological darkness.


Here, Green Man has gained the balance of Nature, which he wears for all to see:


Here, Green Man harnesses free radicals to bring light to a dark room:


On his left, a fitting sidekick: Britney Spears from the VMAs.

On his right, an unnamed galactic princess.


His entourage:


It is told in legend that Green Man altered a substantial segment of the human consciousness that night. Nonetheless, he was mortal. As all of Nature's offspring do, Green Man was confronted by the twilight of his existence.

These pictures testify that, confronted by Fate, Green Man looked into its gaze and smiled--just another sojourner in this life--willing to relinquish control of his body mass so he could assume some other form of cosmic energy.

The transformation began around his mouth (where vodka-tonic had moistened his skin).


Britney quickened the process.


And from out of the skin of green, the zimdog was reborn into this cruel world.