11 November 2007

Random phone pics

The theme of this post is R.I.P. old phone. Luke (my bro-in-law) fell asleep on the beach (as most of us do). And then, along came a mini-tsunami > salt water in mee phone. Now that's what I call Bell Atlantic, yo.

After drying out for a good day, 'twould turn on, but 'twouldn't really operate in the ways a useful cell phone might, so i got numbers out of it and e-mailed the best of the best pictures I'd taken with it during its operational dayz. I wouldn't say it was the best camera in the world, but every once in a while, a camera phone'll do just fine.


Murph Dogg




Arno's Luck

Caputi vision


Key West Dennis

Lazy Dayz


Anonymous said...

I think the clouds on the "lazy day" photo spell the word: GOD.

Dude, you have a photo of the effing John Hancock of John Hancocks.


Shannon O'Brien said...

I'm impressed with your camera phone abilities! Especially Vancouver anf helioecho. Very nice, indeed.