03 October 2007

Gone West-siyyde - THURSDAY

The first day of sight-seeing: Emily and I went to the Palace for the Arts.

At the Palace, there was somethang called the Exploratorium, which is one of those hands-on science education centers. We didn't take many pictures inside, because we were mesmerized by all the fun gadgets and stuff for learning about magnets, electricity, light, sound, etc. Cool shit everywhere. Far too much to explain here. One of my favorites though, for example, were these ear muff things shaped like deer ears so you could hear like a deer. They also had a pair with tubes that redirected sounds from your left side into your right ear and vice versa. Hearing in reverse messes with the brain.

Emily took this picture after a science dude put some of my cheek cells under the microscope at 1000x magnification.

After a pause at the snack bar (which Emily referred to as "the taste exhibit"), I took this picture of a piece of the interior. Everything there was cool.

Really, the only downside was the excess of impatient school kids interrupting while I was trying to use the darned gadgetry. Gosh! Frickin' idiots.

When the Exploratorium closed, we walked across the street to a beach overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Here's the bridge in my sunglass lens (not the broken one), and that's the Exploratorium behind me.

Here's the zimdog with bridge behind, an omen of the day to follow:

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