16 October 2007

Daily Show déjà vu

The day after hanging with Jon Stewart & Co., Emily was able to score more tickets for yet another day at The Daily Show. I guess the first experience was no once-and-done miracle (as my last post may have suggested; also, my apologies to God for idolizing a receipt.)

On the way to The Daily Show for day dos, I stopped at Colbert's joint long enough to snap this crappy picture. Check out the white van. That's a whole lotta "ing."

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are recorded very close to each other. From Colbert's studio, we made a left onto West 54th Street, and in doing so, we could already behold hints of this hideous sight two blocks down:

Emily wanted to go down one block and take a right. I ignored her pleas by getting in line for the Daily Show. Turns out we got there earlier than the day before, which means I got an even lower number than the day before.

I LIYKE!!! Does this make me a loser?


Building on what I'd learned the day before, I brainstormed a question for Jon Stewart. When he first comes out, he takes a few questions from the audience. Well, the second go-round, I wanted to be one of the askers--because the day before, people asked really dumb questions. (No lie ... someone asked Jon his birthday.) Therefore, it was up to me to bring an important question that Jon would respect as an artist, but also as an educated man.

So when he started taking questions, I raised my hand. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of calling on someone behind me. I don't remember her question, but it was probably a bold inquiry about his favorite color.

I wasn't worried though. Day one, not many people asked questions so I thought for sure I'd get my chance. Each time he sought a new question, I raised my hand, and each time I looked more like a pathetic loser for not getting called on. The rub-in lie in God making me sit there and listen to the other attempts at clever inquiry. Eventually, Jon Stewart grew weary of participating in "dumbass time," so he got things rolling. Thus concludes the sad story of how I didn't get to ask my question.

The show was fun that night. Day two's audience had more energy than day one's. Also, John Oliver did a hilarious correspondence report "live" from Dickensian England.

After the show, Emily and I went to the House of Brews (our usual spot after a taping of the Daily Show). Our second night there, 'twas an Oktoberfest special in effect, so we got these two magnum mugs for uber-cheap (by NYC standards) and we gave cheers for another successful day as audience members.

Quite the birthday eve.

Yes? Oh, alright, alright. I'll tell you what my question was for Jon Stewart. While other people's questions were stupid-boring, I was aiming more for stupid-humorous. Personally, I think Jon would've chuckled a bit.

Me: Yes, Jon. I was here yesterday for your interview with Ted Koppel.

Jon: Oh, okay, yes?

Me: Well, during the interview, I realized you had interviewed Ted Koppel several times before, but I was curious about something. Have you ever interviewed Ted Koppel ... on weed?


Me: And two quick follow-ups. What shit was Koppel smokin', and where can I score some?


Good Lord, I'm funny.

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Em said...

You ARE funny. Especially when you said it was ME who wanted to go one block down and to the right. :) Next visit Cory, I promise.