17 October 2007

Birthday day (and the day after)

It began with soul food in Harlem: - southern fried chicken (the best I've ever had) - cornbread stuffing (which I've never had before, but I now consider the best kind of stuffing) - mac & cheese - collard greens.

Then, Emily and I went to MOMA, which was cool. We saw a lot of famous stuff (Van Gogh's Starry Night, for instance). And I got to see some Magrittes.

This was one I saw at the NY MOMA:

This one I saw in August at the MOMA in San Francisco:

I like Rene Magritte because he calls it like it isn't:

Yes, Rene. That's not a pipe--and you haven't been smoking it.

Enough spoonfed art though. On to dinner, which came much later in the day--and was perfect. Yuengling's Lord Chesterfield Ale and massive pizza slices from Koronet:

Alex (the guy hiding underneath his slice of pizza) goes to Columbia, so he knew of a cozy dinner spot where we could enjoy these most delicious treats (that were most detrimental to our health).

To liven ourselves up a bit, we went hiking the next morning. Alex and his wife Alana took us pick-a-nicking at Bear Mountain north of the city.

The whole area was beautiful, and no, we didn't see any bears, which makes me wonder what's in a name? Can the name Bear Mountain really do it justice?

Personally, I feel that Nature's gems need not carry such names--for Nature's beauty by any other name ... is the distant cousin of beauty (or something).

Either that, or it's not really a pipe.

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