03 October 2007

Gone West-siyyde - SATURDAY

We went briefly to APA, to see Dr. Bandura, the guy on the left:

It's a poor picture, but apparently, he's famous for doing some psychological study with an inflatable Bobo doll. If you want to see what he looks like, Google him, for Christ's sake.

The highlight of the day was a show our friend got us tickets for. Leif (pronounced "life") works for Ticketmaster, and was able to score us some comp tickets for Rock the Bells (a sweet compilation tour goin' round). Here's us in the "Beer Garden" (which was more like a holding pen for beer drinkers).

I guess they had to keep us away from the minors, and so the concert planners thought the best way to do this was to fence us all in together, charge us $8 for plastic cups of Heineken (yuck), and keep us as far away from the port-o-potties as possible. Thanks, concert planners.

From the beer garden, we heard the last few songs in The Roots' set. Public Enemy came on next, playing "Bring the Noise" with the guitarist from Anthrax. Cypress Hill (awesome) followed them, and then Wu-Tang Clan. Finally, Rage Against the Machine was the headliner topping off the evening. And as you can imagine, all I could smell all day was the reefer. Mmmmm. Public reefer.

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