03 October 2007

Gone West-siyyde - MONDAY

A quick stop at the SFMOMA. Saw some famous paintings: Frida Kahlo's self-portrait, Jasper John's American flag with 48 stars, a couple of Warhols, and a bunch of other awesome paintings, including one by my personal favorite, Rene Magritte.

The only thing I could snag a pic of was an interactive work called You & Me, Horizontal. It was projected light forms in a dark, fog-filled room.

You could walk all around it and through it, and the light forms drew a gradually-changing sine curve on the wall. Awesome.

From SFMOMA, we went to Alcatraz for a temporary incarceration.

We weren't alone, as masses made the mindless march with us up the hill and through the gates.

Here's us with San Francisco in the background (and one of its lesser known bridges, the Bay Bridge to Oakland on the left):

Here's a solitary cell, where the zimdog probably would've ended up:

Em pulls prison off better than I could--even when she's caught droppin' a deuce.

Here's the extravagant "exercise yard" of Alcatraz:

I call this one "American phallus" in the spirit of the US prison system.

Here I got all artsy-fartsy with the view:

Despite a lot of ugliness, Alcatraz has some beauty as well:

Still, it felt good to get back to the city. When we returned city-side, Emily humored me with a trip to City Lights, a book store famous for the Beat Generation icons that frequented it: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, et al. I didn't take any pictures of the store, but I did buy a copy of Howl, some Beat poetry classic I've never read that helped make the place famous.


Now I'm back home in Florida, hating the heat and loving the desire to move somewhere like San Fran.

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