01 October 2008

Academonic Times

I am convinced the academy is sucking the life out of me. I just told Emily today that I feel like a degree in creative writing is actually making me less creative. Just look at the lack of snazzy metaphors and e-prime verbage thus far in this entry.

In the last month, how many blog postings have gone undone, despite the strong desire to rant and rave on some topic? Must finish thesis, that thing for which I have no time because I teach (only) two freshman composition classes. Must finish degree before I know whether or not I can be a writer. Although I suppose if I were a true writer, I'd say fuck the stupid degree and just write right now. (Still, I feel this process of getting a master's is teaching me how to compile a large project, which probably counts for something.)

How're everyone elses' days?


Em said...

You can do it...and I know when you do, you will do it well. Requirements can be frustrating and seem pointless at times, but hopefully you can take something from this...a ton of complete or near complete short stories perhaps?

BB said...

Without a doubt, constant reassurance even if hollow was needed for me. Only thing I learned post-thesis completion is that the distractions from writing don't end, they just take new forms. My problem now is that I sit at a computer for 8hrs a day and can't stand to look at one when I get home. The constant pressure, though, has been somewhat relieved.

You nailed it about the MFA as a kind of disciplining in how to work on long projects without a foreseeable ending. That’s what I got out of it for the most part—how to cope with the anxiety.

Hang in there. In no time you’ll be done and busy scourging through the carcass of the English discipline in hopes of finding some meat left on one of the bones. (oops, that took a pessimistic turn).