16 April 2011

this blog post is so meta-

I went to see multiple doctors today. Lately, I've been having a weird, warm pressure in the left-side of my gut (& more recently, some nausea & closed sinuses). Today, I finally mustered the courage to go to Urgent Care... (... & begin the process of finding out what's goin' on inside me...).

Nothing conclusive from that visit yet... (... except for finally finishing Orwell's 1984 while waiting for the doctor... (... & the nurse... (... & then the doctor again...))).

After two hours at home (hangin' wit da G-dawg), I skated to an eye doctor appointment & got my eyes checked.... (That's right; 20/15 vision, suckas!!!!) Woot woot...!

Then---(later in the day)---I decided to blog about it....

(This blog post is so meta-!)

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SOS said...

I hope everything is okay in your gut!