22 February 2009

How to play Pizza Box

Next time you're in a crowd of friendly-ish people, try out this game some of the SoFla crew invented Friday night at the 93 Rock Brew Review.

1. Find a stranger you think might yield a fun reaction. Approach this person and get their attention. When you have it, look them in the eye and say,

Pizza box?

Your chosen stranger's response will most likely be driven by either disbelief or curiosity. But who am I to place further constraint on the possibilities of the human condition? My personal favorite response was from a guy who said, "Yes, pizza box," and kept on walking, girlfriend in tow. For this reason, I recommend approaching stationary strangers. They are less likely to ignore you, and those who are part of a group seem more willing to play along.

2. If your chosen stranger does in fact repeat your question, you then say,

Pizza box.

A simple statement will suffice, although you may wish to add emphasis, as if surprised by their ignorance of Pizza Box.

At this point, your chosen stranger may once more form a question (i.e. "Pizza box, eh?") This is your cue to move the game forward.

3. Ultimately, your goal is to get a high-five or hip-bump from this stranger, so once you feel you have earned your chosen stranger's trust, make your move toward completing the conversation with a loud, enthusiastic:

Peet-za box!

If further curiosity ensues, tell your chosen stranger, "Pizza Box is the word. Spread the word," and quickly move on to the next stranger.


Em said...

Pizza Box?

zimdog said...

Pizza box???

Em said...

PIZZA BOX!!!!!!!!! (Hip bump)

zimdog said...

We're the only ones who commented on Pizza Box. I don't think it's going to spread as far as we thought it might.