19 December 2006

Those darned semesters

Okay, so maybe I'm not cut out for this regular blogging thang. How about I just promise to post when I do?

The semester's over now, which is why I actually made it here to my chew toy to do some chewin'. I'm not suggesting anything, but the spring semester may accommodate more toy-chewing. I am no longer a GTA. I'm staying on at the University writing center, but I think I'd like to take some time off from teaching for a while. I will definitely teach again someday...when I get to decide the entire sequence and syllabus. As it is though, I am entrusted with the duty of instructing composition for 22 students, but I'm given a selection of readings to pick from, and told how to teach the process of writing. There's a lot more to college writing than making academic arguments. When I teach again, my sequence, in addition to the academic argument, will include other types of writing (i.e. creative, opinion, research).

At any rate, only working 10 hours per week should allow more room in my schedule for my own work. I'm at the point where my thesis proposal is in sight, so I should have more of it done than I actually do.
Also, my classes for the spring have me really excited:

Fiction Workshop
The American Short Story
Women, Ecology, Eco-feminism, and Environmental Justice
Methods in Madness (a one-week seminar led by poet Rosmarie Waldrop)

Good ol' reliable coursework. When all else irks me, I can always count on classes to cheer me up. After the spring, I'll only need one more writing workshop, but I know I'll take more classes than that--just for poops and laughters.

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